Motivational Addiction Counseling

12 contact hour Internet Course


MOTIVATIONAL ADDICTION COUNSELING -  Text: Motivational Enhancement Therapy Manual: Project MATCH Volume Two, edited by Margaret E. Mattson, Ph.D. DESCRIPTION: Motivatonal Enhancement Therapy (MET) was proven greatly more time efficient than other therapies by Project Match research. Course explains MET as a therapy for outpatient, inpatient and aftercare treatment. Descriptions of Project MATCH assessment techniques and handouts for clients are also included. OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to 1) identify the clinical considerations for MET, 2) discuss practical strategies for using MET, 3) describe the structure of MET sessions, 4) apply MET for special problems, 5) integrate MET with inpatient programming, and 6) explain the use of MET therapy in aftercare setting. APPROVALS: DCCB/PADC approval pending


The Post Test for this course is included in the text files at the page listed above.